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Introducing new section in our menu- Fresh Pasta !

Things have been tough in the restaurant business lately.. Closed borders, driving restrictions and limited working hours have all contributed to many restaurants not knowing what the future will bring..

Here at Pronto, we have been using the down time to experiment and continue improving our menu with the same passion we had the day we opened.

Today's dish is very exciting! We have been perfecting the pasta for a long time and added the ink of a squid to compliment the lobster flavor and change the color. The lobster had been caught in Malpais just this morning, then made into a delicious mix of lobster meat, butter and saffron and served with a " magic sauce" also made with lobster.

This creation not only highlights fresh and sustainably caught Costa Rican ingredients but also the mastery of Italian cuisine.

Want to try your own Lobster Ravioli?

Here is a recipe our chef, Giuseppe Morisco published in Tico Times few years back. It is a bit different, but equally delicious!!!

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